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After just six months, the success of using App technology in the inspection and maintenance of the district’s Parks, is now being adopted across council owned car parks across Wyre Forest.

As part of Wyre Forest District Council's push to continuously increase efficiency and improve performance, workers at the Depot based at Green Street Kidderminster have got to grips with the latest App technology to help manage and mitigate corporate safety risk for the authority.

Since January this year, Parks and Play Area Inspectors at Wyre Forest District Council have been using a Play Inspection App enabling the team to carry out statutory inspections and monitor corporate safety risk issues. Designed for qualified Inspectors, the App was created and developed by Play Inspection Company specifically to record and monitor service inspections. 

Adam Stockhall, Place Co-ordinator at Wyre Forest District Council said

"The Play Inspection App has already completely transformed the parks and play inspection work programme. Using technology in this way is definitely the way forward improving Council efficiencies where we can. The parks inspection process has been reduced by four steps to two, which has saved us valuable time and money. We are very proud of this transformation and we are now taking it into our wider applications, starting with the council’s 22 car parks."

To complete an inspection on the App, a series of questions is worked through, usually accompanied by a photograph of the site in question, each with a built in service prompt if anything significant changes in terms of the risk factor.

Adam Copperwith AppAn average inspection using the App takes around 10 minutes and as every recording is collected, the data cannot be overwritten until the problem is fully resolved and recorded as such. This means if another colleague were to pick up the inspection the information would be completely up to date.

"The benefits of the App system include standardising the information collected to ensure benchmarking is accurate. Our insurers are happy because they can see we are measuring the right things and that we can take immediate action if the risk changes. The technology on the App means that if a risk changes such as a gate shows signs of corrosion, an email prompt is generated to send off a service action so that the issue will be addressed promptly.

Time saving is a major benefit and we estimate we will be saving at least another one or two man days per week on corporate safety risk monitoring on car parks. This is because we no longer have lots of paperwork to be scanned and processed after each inspection.

Councillor Ian Hardiman, Wyre Forest District Council's Cabinet Member for Operational Services said,

"We take our corporate risk management seriously and we are continuing to drive forward improvements in the efficiency of how information is collected and stored. Car parks are next to be transformed in terms of our inspection and maintenance programme.”

Photograph shows Adam Cooper, Parks and Green Spaces Operative using the app.


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