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More than 40 charities, voluntary groups and schools have been given equipment from Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre and Stourport Sports Centre. 

From chairs and tables, to trampolines and cups and saucers all sorts of items from the centres have been handed over to organisations in the district.Power Of Sharing Web

Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre and Stourport Sports Centre closed on Saturday 2 July and the Council previously offered groups the chance to express an interest in a whole range of equipment which was no longer needed. 

The items were given away on a first come, first served basis. 

Councillor Marcus Hart, Leader of Wyre Forest District Council said: “Anything belonging to Wyre Forest District Council, which was in working order and not required at the new leisure centre was offered to others for their use.  We are delighted to have been able to help so many different groups and organisations in the district.”

The Civic Hall in Stourport had many items including seating.  John Caldwell, Trustee of the Civic Group said: "The Civic has been looking to replace its audience seating for sometime to make it more professional looking and comfortable. As result of a donation from Wyre Forest District Council following the closure of The Glades we were able to replace the old, tired seating with newer seating of a higher quality.

The feedback we have received since they were installed has been fantastic from our audience and our volunteers. Our monthly Comedy night, and Lickhill Primary School used them for a trial run, and West Side Story by Limelight gave them a first full use run. Well received by all so far, the students from Lickhill Primary thought that it made the venue look like a proper Theatre - therefore enhancing their experience on our stage even further."

Chester Road Bowling Club in Kidderminster received a box of bowls, mats and a score board.  Roger Perks, from the club said: “Thanks on behalf of the Chester Road Bowling Club for the equipment and for the short mat kit too.  We’re trying to recruit new members and we now have better choices of bowls for people to borrow during coaching. “

The new Wyre Forest Leisure Centre opened on Wednesday 6 July.  Information about the centre and information on joining can be found at

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