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Help to reveal hidden histories and fascinating features of the Severn Valley Railway and the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett by taking part in a consultation about local heritage sites.

Chaddesley Post Box

Wyre Forest District Council is creating a revised Local Heritage List which provides the opportunity to identify historic buildings and structures which are of value to the local historic environment.

Wyre Forest District Council is currently compiling two Local Heritage Lists - one for the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett and one for the Severn Valley Railway.

A Local Heritage List is not restricted to buildings. It could include sites, places or areas such as village greens, ponds, bridges and historic street furniture such as letterboxes, signposts or telephone boxes. Local Heritage Assets are not given any protection through Law but we do advocate the use of appropriate materials and design in the planning process.

Cllr John Campion Wyre Forest District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Regeneration said:

“We are encouraging people to think about the local unusual historical features they value like street lamps, telephone boxes, railings and buildings. Local listing carries less weight than full statutory listing from Historic England, such as Grade 1 or Grade 2. However it must be taken into consideration when the asset is affected by a planning application, so having a Local Heritage List is an effective way of preserving historic sites, buildings and things people value in the landscape.”

The draft lists are available to view on the Wyre Forest District Council website where further information is available on how you can have your say. Alternatively call Wyre Forest District Council on 01562 732928 and ask to speak to the Conservation Officer.

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