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People who live and work in Bewdley are being asked about their future housing needs in a new survey that will help shape future residential development in the town.

Wyre Forest District Council is inviting local residents and those with close links with the town to complete a written questionnaire to determine their current and future housing needs.

Forms are dropping through letterboxes in February – and people will have until Friday 4 March to complete them.

Results will be analysed and used to inform Bewdley Neighbourhood Plan and the Wyre Forest District Local Plan which is currently in its early stages, to guide future development  until 2032.

The council has already completed housing needs surveys in Chaddesley Corbett, Rock and Churchill and Blakedown. Further studies will be carried out for other parts of the district over the next few years.

Cabinet member for health, well-being and housing Councillor Sally Chambers said: “This is a great opportunity for residents in Bewdley to help shape future residential development in the town over the next few years.

“I’d ask people to look out for the survey and let us know what their current and future housing needs might be so we can ensure we get the right developments where they are needed most.

“There will also be an option to include the views of people who may not currently reside in Bewdley but have close links with the town, including young people who grew up here and had to move away.

“We want to build up a positive, true picture of how the town can meet their needs too in future years.”

Responses should be posted back in the Freepost envelope provided to members of Wyre Forest District Council’s housing team at Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, by Friday 5 March.

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