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A leading mosaic artist is exhibiting artwork used in illustrations for her first book at Kidderminster Library.

Artist Toni Burrows’ book, tells the story of ‘The Last Apple on the Tree’ through a series of mosaic pictures made from recycled materials.  It is a fable about a chance meeting between a hungry fox and a peckish blackbird, both eager to have the last apple on an old tree. But which one is successful?

The touching story animates the turning of the seasons with beautiful descriptions of nature immersing the reader into the world of the blackbird and the fox. The text appears alongside the detailed mosaics which were photographed especially for the book.

Toni Burrows Biog PictureToni Burrows said:

“I’m delighted to have the original mosaics used for The Last Apple on the Tree on show at Kidderminster Library.  I got inspiration for the pieces when I was strolling around my neighbourhood and noticed that a tree in one of the gardens held a solitary red apple.  It stood out against the grey sky and dark branches, striking me as a symbol of the tenacity of life at the threshold of winter. I went home to get my camera, and when I returned a blackbird pecking at the apple, hollowing it out. ”

The book, ‘The Last Apple on the Tree’, is available to buy from the Library on the first floor.

The exhibition is curated by Wyre Forest District Council and is at Kidderminster Library until 2 January 2017.


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