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Chris Rogers 01The legal document establishing a new Town Council for Kidderminster  has been  sealed today (Thursday 22 October 2015).

Last month (Wednesday 30 September) Wyre Forest District Council approved the contents of the Reorganisation Order. This includes the electoral arrangements for the parish and details of the specific assets which will be transferred to the Town Council from Wyre Forest District Council.  Today Councillor Chris Rogers, Chairman of Wyre Forest District Council, signed this legal document. 

Kidderminster Town Council will come into existence on Tuesday 1 December.  The first elections to the new Council are due to be held on 5 May 2016. Between December and the elections next May the current serving Wyre Forest District Councillors for Kidderminster wards will serve as members of the new council.

Councillor Chris Rogers, Chairman of the Council said:

“I’m honoured to be the person who has signed this important document.  The Reorganisation Order is an historic milestone in the setting up of Kidderminster Town Council. It is another step closer to the town having a single collective voice for the first time since 1974. “

More details about the new Town Council can be found here.

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