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Kidderminster residents are getting the chance to have their say on whether they think Kidderminster should have a Town Council.

Anyone who is registered to vote and lives in the town will be able to vote in the Local Advisory Poll, which is taking place on Thursday 7 May - the same day as the Parliamentary and District Council elections.  They will be asked “Should Kidderminster have a Town Council?” 

The other towns and most of the villages in the district have a town or parish council.  Creating a town council for Kidderminster would give it the same strengths, opportunities and voice.  It would have various powers to provide and run services and facilities for the town.  

The Councillors would be directly elected by people in Kidderminster and, if created, Kidderminster Town Council would replace the Charter Trustees. 

The Local Advisory Poll has been organised by Wyre Forest District Council as part of a Community Governance Review. 

Ian Miller, Counting Officer said: 

“Kidderminster residents will have their chance to voice their opinions on whether or not they want a town council. This is an important issue which would change the way their town is governed. Bewdley and Stourport-on-Severn have their own town councils: now we will find out if Kidderminster would like one too.  I would encourage people to find out more about what a Town Council would mean for them before voting.  We want as many people as possible to take part in the poll to make sure the result reflects the views of local people.” 

More details about the Local Advisory Poll including why it is taking place, and what a town council could mean for residents and the town is available on the Council’s website .  Each household in Kidderminster will also receive an information leaflet.

For more information including the rules for the Local Advisory Poll for Kidderminster.

Only people who are on the electoral register will be able to take part.  You can register or change your details here

Any additional comments about the community governance review can be emailed to by 30 June 2015.

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