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Wyre Forest District Council’s Waste Team has recently launched an education campaign aimed at tackling the issue of contaminated recycling bins in the area.

To help combat the problem, the Waste Team is knocking on doors around the District on collection days to help people with their recycling. They now need help to raise awareness of what can and can’t be recycled. 

The Waste Team has found that in many instances the recycling bins are simply being used for normal rubbish waste that should be put in the black bins. This is causing the recycling to be contaminated.

Contaminated recycling loads have to be sent to landfill which costs the Council more than £100 per tonne to tip. This, in turn, is costing local tax payers money whilst also having a negative effect on the environment.

As part of the education campaign, some residents will have noticed a red sticker or yellow tag on their bin.  This indicates that their bin contains unrecyclable items. Examples of items which can not be recycled and have been found in green bins include plastic bags, nappies, a toilet seat and dog faeces.  Once residents have removed the items which can not be recycled from their green bin, the Team will empty the bin on the next scheduled collection day.

A detailed list outlining recyclable and non-recyclable items along with commonly asked questions can  be found on the council’s website.

Councillor Ian Hardiman, Wyre Forest District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services said:

“It is a great shame to see whole recycling loads going to landfill because of the thoughtless actions of a few, particularly when most residents take the time to sort their recycling. I have been accompanying the Waste Team during collections, knocking on doors and giving out information. So far, this proactive approach has proven to be effective and we hope to continue raising awareness.”

Cllr Hardiman added:

“Please spread the word to your friends, families and neighbours. We need the support and help of our residents to combat this issue. If anyone is in doubt about what they can recycle, please get in touch.” 

For help and advice with recycling, residents can visit the Council’s recycling page on the website . Alternatively, they can email the team or call 01562 732528 and a member of the Team will be happy to assist them.

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