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Local residents, organisations and businesses are being asked to take part in a consultation on the plans for creating a new council for Kidderminster.

Last night, at a meeting of Wyre Forest District Council (Wednesday 29 July 2015), councillors recommended to set up a council for Kidderminster.  Now the authority is asking for opinions on the proposals it is recommending for how it should be created.

The consultation will get underway on Friday 31 July 2015.  Among a range of issues it covers the electoral arrangements for the new council (how many councillors and the areas they will represent), the assets it is suggested should be transferred to the new council and the temporary arrangements for membership of the new council before elections in May 2016. 

People have until Thursday 17 September to complete the questionnaire. 

Cllr Marcus Hart, Leader of Wyre Forest District Council, said:

“The consultation is the next stage in creating a council for Kidderminster.  We are recommending that there are 18 Councillors and that the same six Kidderminster wards are used as for Wyre Forest District Council elections.  We have also produced a list of assets which we propose to transfer to the new council.  We want people to have their say on these proposals.”

He added,

“There are a large number of issues that need addressing before the elections in May 2016.  That is why we need to make temporary arrangements for membership of the new council before that date, and we would welcome people’s views about that aspect as well.”

More information and a link to the questionnaire will be available on the Council’s website from Friday 31 July 2015. 

Paper versions will be available at the Worcestershire Hub at Kidderminster Town Hall, Kidderminster Library and from Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster.

The webpage has a frequently asked questions section which explains the background to the recommendations.  It is suggested that people read this before completing the questionnaire.


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