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The number of people registered to vote in the Wyre Forest district has gone up by almost one per cent since the last General election. 

Wyre Forest District Council has announced that the number of registered electors for the General election on Thursday 7 May is 77,451 compared to the 76,713 people who were registered to vote at the election in May 2010.

Many voters have taken advantage of the option to have a postal vote, with 11,855 or 15.4% of the electorate choosing this method. This is a significant increase compared to 10,775 or 14.0% who registered to vote by post in 2010.

Ian Miller, Electoral Registration and Returning Officer said:

"It is now too late for people to register to vote in Wyre Forest at the elections on 7 May or to apply for a postal vote for those elections. However applications to appoint a proxy, where another person casts the vote on the elector's behalf at the polling station, may be made until 5pm on Tuesday 28 April.

"After that date, only people who are experiencing a medical emergency or are prohibited from voting in person due to their occupation, service or employment can apply to appoint a proxy. Their applications must be counter-signed and there are specific rules on who can do this for them."

Anyone who will be casting their vote at a polling station is being reminded to check their poll card to find out where they should go to vote. This year there have been several changes to polling stations.

The changes follow a Local Government Boundary Commission Review.  It has resulted in the Wyre Forest District Council area being divided into 12 wards with 33 Councillors. Previously there were 17 wards with 42 Councillors.  The different ward boundaries means new polling districts are being introduced and some new polling stations too. Eighteen locations that were previously used for polling stations will no longer be used for elections.

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