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Magistrates fined a 28 year old man from Kidderminster £4,000 for fly-tipping.

Mark Robson of Queen Elizabeth Road, Kidderminster pleaded guilty to a charge of ‘depositing controlled waste’ in Cherry Orchard, Kidderminster without an environmental permit in September 2014.

Nina Dorrell, prosecuting for Wyre Forest District Council told magistrates how Mark Robson was driving through Cherry Orchard carrying two white fridges at the back of his vehicle when he stopped at the back gates of Lea Street School, got out of his car and dragged one of the fridges onto the pavement.

He then started hitting the fridge with a sledgehammer removing and retaining the fridge motor. Once finished, he repeated the same with the second fridge.

Robson then drove off leaving the fridges’ carcasses strewn across the pavement in the residential area. The fridges had to be removed from the pavement by the Council.  

The court took a very dim view of Mr Robson’s actions and highlighted how dangerous fridges fly-tipped in residential areas and in the vicinity of a school can be.

In addition to the £4,000 fine Robson was also ordered to pay £400 victim surcharge and compensation to the Council for clean up costs in the amount of £38.16. He was also ordered to pay the Council’s prosecution costs of £620.41.

This case was heard at Kidderminster Magistrates Court on 10 April 2015.

Linda Collis, Director for Community Well-being and Environment at Wyre Forest District Council said:

“Officers worked diligently to pursue this case and we are very pleased that the courts took this matter very seriously, reflected in the sentence. This all contributes to our purpose of keeping the District safe, clean and looking good.”

Wyre Forest District Council has a dedicated phone line for reporting fly tipping 01562 732528. Emails can also be sent from the automatic link in the fly tipping section of the Council’s website.

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