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Electors in Kidderminster who have chosen to vote by post will be receiving two postal vote packs.  One pack will enable them to vote in the General election and Wyre Forest District Council election.  The other postal voting pack is so they can take part in the Local Advisory Poll on ‘Should Kidderminster have a Town Council?’

Postal voters are being asked to follow the instructions on the packs and make sure they are returned separately. 

Ian Miller, Counting Officer, said:

“We want as many people as possible to take part in the Local Advisory Poll to make sure the result reflects the views of local people.  That’s one of the reasons why we are holding it on the same day as the General Election. It’s an important issue which could change the way the town is governed. While we can hold the Local Advisory Poll at the same time as the elections, unfortunately legislation prevents us from combining them.  This means we can’t issue just one postal vote pack.” 

He added,

“It’s really important that people return their votes for the elections and the Poll in the separate envelopes provided or their votes may not be counted.” 

More information about the elections is available on elections page of the Council’s website.   There is also a page on Local Advisory Poll.  It gives details about why the Poll is taking place, and what a Town Council could mean for residents and the town.  Each household in Kidderminster have also received an information leaflet.


To cast a vote in the elections and the Poll residents must be registered to vote.  The deadline is midnight on Monday 20 April 2015.  It is quick and easy to do online.  Anyone without access to the internet can get a paper copy of the registration form from the Worcestershire Hub at the Town Hall in Kidderminster.

Anyone can request a postal vote, which means they can cast their vote by post instead of visiting a polling station on the day itself.  Asking for a postal vote is a quick process and you only need to do it once. The deadline for applying for a postal vote is 5pm Tuesday 21 April. A postal vote application form can be downloaded from the website. It can also be requested by emailing the Elections Team or by phone on 01562 732928.


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