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Wyre Forest District Council and householders are working together to keep the pavements bin free as part of a campaign to clean up the district and make it safer for pedestrians.

The campaign has already begun in the Sutton Park and Greenhill areas of Kidderminster, where householders are being asked not to leave wheelie bins on footpaths after they have been emptied.

Councillor Helen Dyke, Wyre Forest District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services said:

“We know that on some streets, people without driveways or front gardens leave their bins on the pavements because it is more convenient.  However, this is causing a problem in certain areas.  Wheelie bins left on the pavement get in the way of wheelchairs and pushchairs and make it difficult to walk along safely. It also makes the street look untidy.”

“Moving the bins also makes it easier for street cleaners to clean the pavements and roads so if they are moved it will contribute to the area looking more attractive and being cleaner in the future.”

“To bring this issue to resident’s attention, bins that are left out for more than two days after the day they have been emptied have had a tag put on them.  This asks the householder to move the bin off the footpath.   This approach has already proved really successful and we’d like to thank residents for working with us to make the streets safer and cleaner for everyone.”

The Council is offering help to residents who are not able to store their bin at the rear of the property because they do not have any access. “

People are also reminded to use the correct bins for their household waste and recycling and not to fly tip in the streets.  More information about refuse and recycling can be found on the council’s website.

Note the new direct dial number for the Council’s front line services - 01562 732528. You can call about Waste and Recycling, Street Cleansing, Parks and Open Spaces, Civil & Environmental Enforcement, Parking, Grounds Maintenance, Garden & Trade Waste, Bulky Collections & Fly Tipping.

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