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Anyone who has not registered to vote will have a visit to their home over the next few weeks. Starting from Tuesday (7 October 2014) canvassers will be knocking on the doors of individuals who have not signed up under the new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) system.


Earlier this year the electoral registration system was changed nationally to make the voting system more secure, and reduce the chance of electoral fraud. Under IER everyone is responsible for registering themselves. The old system allowed the ‘head of household’ to register everyone who lived at their address.


Elections - My VoteAt the start of August letters were sent out to more than 78,000 people in the district telling them about the change.  The vast majority of Wyre Forest district residents received notification that they had been automatically moved onto the new electoral register. However, 6,000 residents were asked to take action to join or remain on the register.  The letters explained what they needed to do, but not all of them have responded.


Returning Officer, Ian Miller said:

“If you are not on the electoral roll you will not be able to vote in local and national elections. This may also impact on your ability to get credit. I would urge everyone who received a letter in August, that asked them to take action to register, to do so as soon as possible. A canvasser will knock at your door if you haven’t already replied. ”

He added:

“Registering to vote is easier then ever now as it can be done online.  Anyone can visit and fill in an application form or update their details.”

For more information email the Elections Team or call 01562 732794.


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