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Do you know of any land or buildings that you think may be suitable for housing, employment, retail, leisure or other commercial uses? Wyre Forest District Council is carrying out a ‘call for sites’ as part of its evidence base preparation to inform its Local Plan Review, which starts in 2015.

The call for sites is to help the Council establish the scope of the District’s potential land supply for future development. It is important that we have up-to-date information on the suitability, availability and deliverability of potential development sites to make sure we have an up-to-date evidence base which meets the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The call for sites won’t in itself determine whether a site will be identified for future development. This is only the beginning of the process and all sites submitted will then be assessed for their sustainability, suitability and deliverability. The Council will then be able to consider how they fit with the overall development and regeneration strategy for the area. Following this assessment, if sites are considered to be potentially suitable for future development then they will be taken forward through the Local Plan Review consultation process.

Councillor John-Paul Campion, Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Regeneration said:

“The Call for Sites represents an early opportunity for organisations, landowners, developers and interest groups to suggest sites within the Wyre Forest District that they consider could be suitable for potential development in the future. It is a request by the Council to help us form an up to date assessment of future land supply. All sites submitted to us for consideration are on a “without prejudice basis.” This does not mean that they will necessarily be allocated for development or that planning applications will be considered favourably.”

Anyone wishing to submit a site has until 5:30 pm on Tuesday 30th September to put forward their suggestions.  If you wish to find out more and obtain copies of the site suggestion forms, please visit the planning policy pages on the Council’s website at /planning-and-buildings/planning-policy.aspx

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