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Kidderminster Arts Festival (KAF) comes to an end this Sunday (24 August) but there is still plenty to do and see before then. 

The festival, which is organised by Wyre Forest District Council, has its busiest weekend coming up. Saturday the town will be full of street theatre, choirs, dancers, a peace cafe and more. 

Loz Samuels said:

 ‘I’m particularly looking forward to the pigeon liberation. 661 pigeons will fly from Kidderminster back to their homes in memory of the men who sacrificed their lives in WWI and the pigeons that helped in the war effort by providing vital communications.  I think it will be a really spectacular site. People can send a message on a pigeon by leaving it at the Chapel in the Town hall by Friday.’ 

The pigeons will be released at 11am on Saturday 23 August from Weavers Wharf (weather permitting.)  

Also around the town on Saturday will be Acrojou – The Wheelhouse.  These free acrobatic 24 Acrojou , The Wheel House , 3.20.2, Image (c ) Steve Edwinperformances unfold inside and around a rolling house. Visitors to the town should look out for a grandma on a rampage too !  This fantastic street entertainment from Picked Image gives audiences the chance to meet a cantankerously loveable grandma who’ll hold court on any subject your care to mention! 

One of the major features of the festival is the Chapel of Victories at Kidderminster Town Hall.  The Chapel was created for KAF by artist Tracey Shough of PicaPica. It is made from objects which have been found and inspiration came from local stories. It includes shrines as a commemoration of human endeavour. Once the festival is over the chapel is going to be divided up and sold in a blind auction, to raise funds for next year’s arts festival.

The Chapel will be closed early for dismantling on Saturday 23 August and sold off in lots. There are 13 pieces available for purchase. In the blind auction, a bid is placed on a specific item on a ballot sheet and entered without knowing how much others have bid. Anyone interested in purchasing part of the Chapel can place a bid in the blind auction at the Town Hall until Saturday 23 August. 

DoDSC05552tty the Dragon featured at the Town Hall too and 5 ½ year old Lauren Kirk was among the children who enjoyed the fantastic production last Saturday (16 August).  The talented youngster was the winner of a colouring competition organised by Wyre Forest District Council and Kidderminster Library as part of the KAF.

In the weeks running up to the show, young visitors to the library were invited to colour in a picture of Dotty for the chance to win a family ticket to the production. There were lots of entries in the competition but it was Lauren’s picture which was judged the ‘stand-out piece’ by the Families Team at the library. 

Lauren was delighted to take up her front row seat to see the performance on Saturday. 

Alison Robinson from the Families Team at Kidderminster Library, said:

 "We were very impressed with the attention to detail and choice of vibrant colours. Our congratulations to Lauren on a fantastic winning entry!" 

Lauren’s mother Sarah Guppy said:

 “We think she may be an artist when she grows up, she is so careful and precise.”

 The show Dotty the Dragon was created by Blunderbus Theatre. The group will be back at Kidderminster Town Hall on Saturday 11 October with a new show, ‘Hugless Douglas’. The show is based on the book by the bestselling author David Melling.  Tickets are £4 each or £14 for a family.  You can book online.

For more information about what’s on visit Kidderminster Arts Festival website.


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