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Caravan Sites and Park Homes


Caravan sites and park homes within the district of Wyre Forest are controlled under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and the Model Standards 1989. These are enforced by the Council.

What types of site are within our district?

There are two types of site within the district. The first are those which are permanent residential and can be resided in throughout the year, the second are those which are holiday caravan sites. The periods of time that these sites can be resided in depends upon the conditions of the licence, these can vary between sites.

What are site licences and conditions?

Before a site can be used as a caravan park, planning permission for that site is required. Once that planning permission is granted it is the responsibility of the site owner to apply for a site licence. 

The site licence is the legal document, without this document a caravan park cannot operate.

Attached to each site licence is a set of conditions. Licence conditions mainly relate to the provision of facilities on the site and the health and safety of the residents and/or visitors to the park.

The conditions cover such aspects as the distance from boundaries, the density and space between caravans, fire precautions and fire fighting provisions, electrical and gas installations, water supply, drainage, sanitation, washing facilities and refuse disposal. The conditions are based on the ‘Model Standards’ produced by central Government. The conditions vary depending upon the category of the site.

As well as the conditions set out by the 1989 model standards many sites have specific requirements attached to their planning consents. These are usually the consent for the specified area of land in use, and the period of time over which the site can be occupied.

Park Rules for permanent residential park home sites 

Kinverdale Chalet Park

Severn Bank Park

Who should I contact?

We can be contacted direct should you wish to apply for a site licence, be trying to find a licensed site within Wyre Forest, require further details as to when the sites can be occupied, or speak to someone relating to concerns with any of the above issues.

Apply for a Site Licence

Please contact Customer Services on 01562 732928 or write to:

Wyre Forest District Council
Economic Prosperity and Place
Private Sector Housing
Wyre Forest House
Finepoint Way
DY11 7WF

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