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Council Tax Single Person Discount

You can Apply for Single Person Discount , or contact customer services on 01562 732928.

Find out more about the Review of Council Tax single person Discount

If you have any change of circumstances and you are unsure whether they will affect your entitlement, please contact us.

The full council tax bill assumes that there are two adults living in a property. If only one adult lives in the property (as their main home) the bill may be reduced by 25%.

Your council tax bill shows any discount given.

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Am I entitled to Single Person Discount if...?

My partner is a member of the forces/works away and only comes home occasionally?

No - this property will still be seen as their sole/main residence because there is an intention to return to the property.

My daughter has just turned 18 but will be away at college?

Probably - if her term time address is considered to be her main home or if she satisfies the criteria to be disregarded as a student. Please contact us for advice.

A friend is coming to stay for a month's holiday?

Yes – they will not be considered as having changed their main residence and are therefore disregarded.

How do I claim?

You can Apply for Single Person Discount , or contact customer services on 01562 732928.

Single person discounts can be given following a claim for benefit, if it is clear from that claim that there is only one adult living in the property as their main home.

If someone leaves your property and you are the sole remaining adult, let us know:

  • who has left
  • the date they left
  • their forwarding address.

 How long will the discount last?

The discount will go on for as long as you occupy the property as a sole adult.

The following types of changes may affect your discount and you should let us know if:

  • Another adult comes to stay with you and they occupy the property as their main home*
  • A child reaches the age of 18*
  • You leave the property on a permanent basis*

*We need this information to enable us to fulfil our duty to keep our records up to date.

Review of Council Tax single person discounts

Wyre Forest District Council is currently conducting a review of all single person discounts offered to residents who live alone.  This exercise is being undertaken by Civica on our behalf.  We aim to provide residents with the best possible service during the review, by offering clear instructions for completing forms to be returned.

However, occasionally circumstances may not be so easy to explain. To help in these situations we have included the most frequently asked questions that can arise throughout this review period.

Why have I been sent this letter?

We are currently reviewing the circumstances of all people who are claiming the single person discount. We are simply verifying that you are still entitled to claim single person discount.

How do I complete the form?

Please fill out and return the form and return to the address on the letter. 

If you are the only adult occupant of your property, then simply tick the relevant box, sign and date the form at the bottom and return.

If there is more than one adult living at the property, then please provide their name, date of birth and the date they moved into the property. If they are exempt from paying Council Tax, please provide the reason why. Sign and date at the bottom once completed and return to us using the address on the letter.

What happens if I don’t complete the form?

We will assume that your situation has changed and will remove your discount.

What credit information do you hold on me?

We don’t hold any credit information on you, if you want to see your credit file please contact any of the major credit reference agencies:

What happens if the form is returned after the 14 day deadline given?

As long as the completed form is returned within a reasonable amount of time you will not be penalised. If the form is very late, you may end up receiving a reminder letter. Please complete the form as before.

Why am I being asked to return my information to a Pershore address?

All returned forms are handled by Civica who are undertaking the review of all single person discounts on behalf of the council.

What should I do if someone is using my address for correspondence only?

Include their name and full residential address, this will then be verified.

I have already informed the Council of a change in circumstances. Do I need to complete the form?

Yes, please include all the details of your current situation.

I receive mail for previous occupants, what should I do about this?

You need to write on the envelope that the person no longer lives at the address and return it to the sender.

A friend stays with me 3 or 4 nights a week, does this mean that I am no longer eligible?

If your friend keeps their belongings at your house then your address will be classed as their main residence therefore you are no longer eligible.

  • Who does your friend stay with the other 3 nights a week? If s/he stays at various addresses your address will still be classed as their main address
  • Any other reason, please provide an explanation of your current situation.

What should I do if my circumstances are not covered in the examples above?

Please provide an explanation of your current situation, using a separate sheet of paper if required.  Please include your account reference number on any additional pages.

Who are Civica?

Civica provide specialist services in revenues and benefits processing work for many local councils throughout the country.  They employ experienced staff to undertake this work and have successfully carried out single person discount reviews in other districts in Worcestershire and across the country.

What does ‘data matching’ mean?

We match our Council Tax database with third party data sources and specialist validation services.  Addresses of those in receipt of a single person discount are passed to a credit agency who run a search matching various other data sources such as credit agreements, electoral register data etc and provide Civica with a list of adults living in the property. 

Does this breach the Data Protection Act?

Civica do not hold on to the data for any longer than is legally required.  All data, be it paper or electronic, is destroyed.  We are not compiling a database that could be shared and accessed by other bodies and sources.


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