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Council Tax - Changes to your Bill

If you receive a new bill check the top right hand corner of the bill. There will be a ‘Reason for Bill’ comment here e.g.  discount adjustment, new account, payment method change etc.

Reason for Bill Comment                           Full Explanation
New years billing This is the bill sent out to all households mid to late March ready for 1st April every year.
New liability This is the first time the people/person named on the bill has been responsible for council tax. 
Change to liability There has been a change to who has to pay the bill; the bill payer has moved house or there has been a change to the dates the bill payer was responsible for the council tax.
Council tax Reduction Scheme Council tax reduction has been given to the bill payer reducing the amount they need to pay.
Council tax Reduction Scheme removed The bill payer has been paid too much in council tax discount. This has now been taken out of the council tax account meaning there is now a bill to pay or the existing instalments have got higher.
Council tax Reduction scheme - adjustment The bill payers council tax Reduction has changed. This could have reduced or increased instalments.
Exemption change An exemption has been awarded, removed or changed. See exempt properties for more information on exemptions.
Payment method change The way the bill payer normally makes payments has changed, for example they have gone onto direct debit.
Change in banding The Valuation Office have changed the band the property is in. See bands and valuations page for more information on banding.
Disabled relief A reduction to the bill has either been given or taken away due to disabled relief. See Council Tax Discounts, Exemptions, Rebates and Reductions for more information on reductions for disabled persons.
Discount change A discount has been given or taken away. For example a single person's discount has been given. See discount pages for the discounts that could of changed.
Disregard Change A disregard for someone who is not counted for council tax has either been given or taken away. See discount pages for the people who don't count for council tax.
Request bill A copy of the bill has been asked for by the bill payer.
Adjustment of instalments

Most people pay 10 instalments over the course of a full year, 1 on the 1st of each month April - January. If something has changed part way through that year the instalments can be changed, check when the instalments are now due at the bottom of the bill.

You can request your installments be spread over 12 months instead of 10, contact us to set this up.

Ceased liability The council tax account for the bill payer has been closed. This could be because the bill payer has moved out of the area or someone else is now responsible for paying the bill.
You will receive a new bill each time anything changes on your account. Your bill may show instalments you have already paid.
You must Report any changes to your household when they happen to ensure your bill is up to date.

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