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Wyre Forest Health Structure and Strategy

Since 2011, the services responsible for delivering health in Worcestershire have been through a period of profound structural change.

Worcestershire Health and Wellbeing Board

Membership includes representatives from Worcestershire Public Health, Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group. The Board’s remit is to oversee local health commissioning, develop strategy and co-ordinate services in order to improve the health and wellbeing of the Worcestershire population. 

Worcestershire Health Improvement Group

Includes county and district council, as well as VCS and CCG, representatives. The group co-ordinates action to improve health and wellbeing and develops plans to deliver Health and Wellbeing Board priorities.

Worcestershire Public Health

The Public Health function has been part of Worcestershire County Council since April 2013. Public Health aims to protect and improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. A Public Health Practitioner is based in each district council, including Wyre Forest.  

Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

The Wyre Forest CCG is made up of local GPs and senior health professionals. The CCG designs local health services and procures hospital, community and mental health services. It also arranges emergency and urgent care services.

The Health and Wellbeing Forum is made up of a range of local statutory, voluntary and community organisations with an interest in tackling health issues and inequalities. To find out more or get involved please contact us

The Wyre Forest Health and Wellbeing Plan sets out local activity underway to tackle both county and district specific health issues. Worcestershire-wide priorities are around improving mental health and well-being, increasing physical activity, reducing the harm caused by alcohol. Additional district priorities addressed by the plan include reducing smoking in pregnancy, increasing breastfeeding, tackling fuel poverty and reducing diabetes. Please see the summary of the current Wyre Forest Health and Wellbeing Plan

Wyre Forest District Council