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Community Groups for Sustainable Living

Getting involved with your local community can really help you make a difference to the area that you live in. There are plenty of opportunities in Wyre Forest to get involved in voluntary groups with a focus on sustainability issues.

Transition in Wyre Forest

The Transition Network is an international network of voluntary, community-led initiatives. Each transition initiative (a village, town or city) is working to help their community become more resilient by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, for example by promoting local food production, energy efficiency and renewable energy and more sustainable transport. There are active transition initiatives in Kidderminster and Bewdley and they are always on the look out for more volunteers.

Transition Bewdley

Transition Bewdley came together in response to the twin pressures of peak oil and climate change. Members of the group are from all backgrounds and professions, but are united in working towards reducing Bewdley’s dependence on fossil fuels and the town’s carbon footprint. Transition Bewdley focus on energy (e.g. looking at the potential for community renewable energy projects and promoting energy conservation, including in Listed Buildings) and food/ land. To find out more email

Transition Kidderminster

Transition Kidderminster was launched in 2013 and has a Mission Statement - to make Kidderminster a happier, better-fed, better-exercised, better place to live! The steering group meets monthly, and a separate food group has been set up to set up projects such as community orchards/allotments and garden share schemes. To find out more, visit the Transition Kidderminster website or email

Other voluntary opportunities

There are lots of other environmentally focussed voluntary opportunities in Wyre Forest. These include:

Wyre Forest District Council