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Localism Fund

Applications have closed for 2017/18

Wyre Forest District Council has allocated £50,000 in support of community groups and parish councils taking over responsibility for local services or working in partnership to enhance services. 

We will provide financial support to community groups to enable assets and services to be transferred to them. This includes, but not exclusively, maintaining open spaces, litter picking, bin emptying and taking responsibility for facilities. We strongly support transfer where any ongoing cost to us will be significantly lower as a result.

The scheme will also support community organisations to provide additional or enhanced services, or to maintain services, in their areas through grant funding.

Find out more about successful application projects and initiatives to date.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All applications must support the delivery of our priorities:
    • Support you to a contribute to a successful local economy
    • Support you to live in clean, green and safe communities

  2. Organisations should have a clear legal identity. We do not require any evidence of the nature of the organisation if it is a registered charity or statutory body (such as town and parish councils). In the case of organisations which are not charities or statutory bodies, evidence of incorporation will be required, such as registration as a company or articles of association/constitution for an unincorporated body (such as a community group).

  3. Payments will only be made by BACS which means that we need to know the sort code, account name and account number of the organisation. A written receipt signed by the treasurer or other appropriate office holder of the organisation will be required. Payments will be made directly to the organisation undertaking the project and not to a contractor.

  4. Grants cannot be given for the following purposes:
    • To individual members of the public;
    • To organisations that are or may be perceived to be political parties or whose principal role is to undertake political campaigning, including campaigning against agreed policies and priorities of Wyre Forest District Council;
    • To organisations of a religious character where the grant would be, or would reasonably be perceived to be, for promoting religion. For example, grants could not be given to a youth camp for members of a chapel or to improve a church building. Churches and other religious organisations are eligible for grants for activities that are demonstrably for the benefit of the wider community;
    • To organisations which promote or are perceived to promote criminal behaviour, including terrorism;
    • To organisations whose policies (including membership policies) discriminate against people on grounds of gender, race, disability, age or sexual orientation. Single sex organisations are therefore not eligible for support.

  5. Grants may be given for revenue or capital projects, including contributions towards building projects or purchase of equipment.

  6. Applicants must demonstrate that any necessary consent can be obtained in order for their project to proceed (e.g. highway, planning, landlord etc.)

  7. The Wyre Forest District Council Media Office will issue press releases about the grant allocations. All successful applicants will be asked to take part in joint promotional activities and to complete an evaluation form. All media and marketing activities should make reference to Wyre Forest District Council and the Localism Fund. Logos and quotes will be provided by Wyre Forest District Council.

  8. There is a requirement that any service or asset transfer is undertaken in line with relevant statutory policies such as Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Wyre Forest District Council’s Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy.

  9. Any service or asset transfer will be the subject of an agreement between Wyre Forest District Council and the applicant organisation.

  10. Applicants will be asked to provide copies of their audited or independently verified balance sheets and revenue accounts for the last two years.

  11. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project with their local District Council Ward Councillor(s) and to get their support. Applicants are also advised to get support from their local community (e.g. residents, local groups, schools) in planning the project and to gain their support for it.

  12. Evidence of local support for projects and the level of Parish or Town Council contributions towards any project will be significant factors in the decision making process. Parish Councils are encouraged to levy precepts to support local projects. The following points will also be taken into consideration when assessing the applications:
    • Is the project about a community group/parish council taking over responsibility for services?
    • Is the project about enhancing services and providing them at no additional cost to the Council?
    • Will the project help to reduce ongoing costs to the Council?
    • How will the project benefit Wyre Forest residents?
    • How innovative and well planned the project is
    • Total cost of the project
    • Degree of funding from other sources

  13. The application must be completed in full. Once approved by the Leader and Deputy Leader, monies will be payable to the organisation’s bank account and must be used within six months of receipt. Any monies not used for the approved purpose are repayable to the local authority.

  14. The offer of a grant from the Council does not convey approval of technical, legal, financial or other matters relating to the project, which will remain the responsibility of the applicant. The Council cannot accept liability for any misjudgements by applicants regarding the budgeting, design, technical standards or any other aspects

  15. Please note the award of a grant remains at the discretion of the Council regardless of whether an application meets the grant conditions.

  16. Please send the application form to Kathryn Underhill, Community Safety & Partnerships Officer

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