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Equality and Diversity Common Queries and Useful Links

What is the minority ethnic population of Wyre Forest?

At present the percentage of the population within Wyre Forest from a BME background is 3.1%. Further information and statistics on the current population of the district of Wyre Forest can be found on the district profile pages from Worcestershire County Council.

Why does the Council categorise people by ethnicity?

It is important that everyone in the Wyre Forest district is treated equitably. Recording, by ethnicity, all those who access the services and then comparing the figures with those who can potentially access services will highlight a failure of delivery. It will also help to plan future events and service plans. 

What do the letters BME stand for?

BME stands for Black and Other Minority Ethnic (groups, communities etc).

How can there be any racism in Worcestershire when there are so few Black and Asian people?

Many different groups experience racism, racism exists everywhere and Wyre Forest is no exception.  Sometimes racism can be worse in areas where the BME community is small.  Then, the experience can be even more isolating and frightening because of the lack of community support.

What can I do to help fight racism?

The most important way of helping to fight racism is to challenge racist and other inappropriate language when it is safe to do so.

What are the main minority communities in Wyre Forest?

The largest BME community is the Bangladeshi population, followed by the Polish community with a discernable Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community also being established. 

What words are OK to use and what words are not?

It is not possible to list acceptable terms or language, as these change frequently to reflect changes in the political climate and changes in the way a community or group may wish to be identified. 

There is a zero tolerance to certain words.  Other words which turn out to be inappropriate may be used in all innocence (for example, using the word “coloured” when referring to the Black community). 

Do not be afraid to ask if you are not sure and do not be offended by a challenge if you make a mistake. 

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