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Food, Health and Safety at Temporary Events

If you intend to provide food at your event you need to ensure that food is safe to eat. Check that any caterers are registered with their local Environmental Health Department. Alternatively you may wish to cater yourself; this can be done as long as it is done safely. This will involve:

  • providing a supply of wholesome/mains water
  • using good quality food which is 'in date'
  • keeping chilled food stored in the fridge below 8 degrees centigrade
  • cooking food properly, particularly meat to above 75 degrees centigrade
  • ensuring that food is used straight away and kept hot or cold.

Health and Safety

Any event involving the public or any work activity will be subject to enforcement under The Health and Safety At Work etc Act 1974. You need to carry out a suitable risk assessment prior to the event to ensure that all hazards to safety are adequately controlled. If the event includes public entertainment you should check the following:

  • Electric Safety - Ensure all electrics are installed and maintained by a competent electrician including music equipment.
  • Gas Safety – Ensure any heating or gas installations are properly installed and maintained by a Corgi registered person.
  • Fire Safety- Ensure there are adequate provisions for fire safety contact the Fire officer on 08451224454 for further information.

Washing and Toilet Facilities - Ensure that there are adequate toilet provisions on site for the number of people attending the event. If there are no toilets you will need to hire portable toilets and sinks.

 - Ensure that there is adequate fixed lighting on walkways and around car parks to prevent slips and trips.

If the planned event is taking place on farmland you need to ensure that there is no access to livestock or machinery or dangerous areas through the installation of physical barriers and clear signage.

For further information on food safety visit Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

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