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Personal Licence

Personal licences are needed by anyone who supervises the sale of alcohol in any premises - including pubs, off-licences, restaurants, and hotels. Applications for a personal licence must be made to the council for the area in which the applicant lives. 

To qualify for a personal licence applicants must be:

•    Over 18.
•    Not have any of the relevant criminal convictions outlined in the Act.
•    Possess an approved licensing qualification.
There are various duties on holders of personal licences, and the court can forfeit their licence if they are convicted of various offences.
Personal Licences are not now renewable under revised legislation, therefore they last indefinitely.  However, should the licence holder change his/her name and/or address they must advise Licensing and return their Personal Licence, card and paper part, with a fee of £10.50 advising of any amendments.  An amended Personal Licence will then be issued.

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