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Fireworks and the Law

When is it legal to buy fireworks?

You can buy fireworks at any time of year as long as the supplier is registered with the Local Authority. To find a local supplier please contact Worcestershire Regulatory Services. Most suppliers only have permission to sell during Core Periods. These are:

• November 5th (15th October to 10th November).
• New Year (26th December to 31st December).
• Chinese New Year (on the first day of the Chinese New Year & the three days preceding it).
• Diwali (on the day of Diwali and the three days preceding it).

For Further Information on Fireworks

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Other Legislation

Fireworks Regulations 2004

A comprehensive package of new measures made under the Fireworks Act 2003 designed to tackle the anti-social use of fireworks through the regulation of both use and supply. These Regulations introduce a number of limited prohibitions on the importation, sale, possession and use of fireworks late at night.

The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010

This legislation prohibits the sale of certain fireworks, places restrictions on those fireworks permitted to be sold and restricts their sale to persons over the age of 18. These measures are designed to promote consumer safety.

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